freifunk battlemesh convention


18 May 2014

Last week we went to Leipzig to attend a freifunk convention called BattleMeshV7. Freifunk is a non-commercial NGO working on implementing WiFi mesh networks all over Europe. The goal is to have free (as in free software and in free beer) wireless infrastructure so that everyone gets unregulated access to the internet. There are a lot of different freifunk communities...

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we have a few qestions


28 Apr 2014

Hey there, we're building our next prototype right now. This time we'll move away from arduino and use our very own PCBs. We're also planning on having a custom made case for our ecosystem. But before we get deep into manufactoring hard- and software we'd love to get some answers to a few questions we have. Please be so kind,...

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30C3 chaos communication congress fieldtrip


01 Jan 2014

We just returned from our most exiting fieldtrip. Last november we were invited to have a presentation about our project at the 30th chaos communication congress in Hamburg. For this event we decided to build a brand new prototype, being more spa-like than the last one. And of course an appropriate website needed to be build to show and document...

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just married


31 Dec 2013

As mentioned here, jekyll just married bootstrap. Now they are back from honeymoon. Without further redo, I'm happy to announce our website as released. ( as a work in progress :) Dig in to aquaponics, robots and stories about our endeavor building the ultimate spa for nature. - mrv

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