For thousands of years nature has been
taking care of us.

It's about time to give some love back.

handsketch of a growbot, threeboxes stacked onto another, the topmost serving as the roof, bottom box containing water, middle holds substrat a soild for the plants

We build little aquaponic gardens that combine plants and aquatic animals to an artificial ecosystem. The system is automated by a robot which controls day-cycles, watering, feeding and environment conditions.

Friends are fun, take care of each other and together, they are never alone. Best of all, real friends learn and grow with each other. Click on the icons above to learn more.

Aquaponics: plant life, sea life and microorganisms

Combine plants, aquatic animals and micro-organisms in an artificial ecosystem. Never let your plants worry about nutrients again. Be kind, save a lot of water. All crops will be 100 % organic.

Automation: water plants, feed the aqua buddies, plan your grow cycle

24/7 climate control with automated watering and feeding for plants and aquatic life. Let the robot do all the work so you don't have to. Avoid bad karma, never let a plant die again.

hackable: add sensors, motors and lasers

Modular, open source, hardware and software. Make sure your plants get what they need. Attach crazy stuff to your robot. Brag about it.

A robot BFF for nature

Hang out with your robot and its friends.

Tune into your ecosystem's needs. Visit anytime from anywhere. Don't miss the party.

wifi enabled

Integrate the robot into your
home network.

System monitoring

Log, monitor and evaluate
environmental variables.

Plug and play

Add new sensors and actors

Robots love robots.

Compute and learn what nature likes best.

Artificial intelligence

Let the robot figure out what plants need.

Global encyclopedia

Take part and document what plants and aquatic animals really crave.

Distributed machine learning

Robots across the universe sharing their wisdom.

Put the bot back into botanics

with a simple open source formula:
All it takes british intellect, three german boxes and a heart forged in Italy.