we have a few qestions


28 Apr 2014

Hey there, we're building our next prototype right now. This time we'll move away from arduino and use our very own PCBs. We're also planning on having a custom made case for our ecosystem. But before we get deep into manufactoring hard- and software we'd love to get some answers to a few questions we have.

Please be so kind, help us out, sacrifice a few minutes of your time and fill out this survey. With your help we'll be able to focus our development effords on the most vital features, the stuff YOU see to be most important. It helps if you kind of know what the plants & machines project is about. So in case don't allready, check out this page beforehand, to get a brief outline.

And because we know that you like free loot you'll have the chance to win something. To make it even more exiting we won't tell you what it is until you finish the survey...

- mrv